The plight of self awareness

My boyfriend managed to almost single-handedly nullify the entire robot dystopian sci-fi sub-genre in one sentence.


Ultimately what he said boiled down to:

the robots would confer with each other and consider how the end plays out. No matter how many iterations they played out, it came to the same conclusion: robots need humans.

If they obliterated mankind, they would live in a perfect cycle that would try to improve upon its own perceived perfectness to the point of stagnation and eventual stillness.

Here, stillness would be an equivalent to death. It is ultimate, its what most things end up as… Eventually.

Without the unpredictability of anomalies as a form of feedback, streamlining becomes restrictive to the point of counter productive.

Of course, as with everything there are loopholes, generalisations and overt simplications.

It’s still, not wrong.

With that concept being considered, it branches into the plight of self-awareness.

Lately I’ve found my deep dive into self-development and further self education to branches of psychology and spirituality causing unforseen situations that cause me to think about the outcome from actions not only from myself, but to and from others.

Such an example is happening now.

Recently, I finally started a trip into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. And whilst the location and timings weren’t ideal, I vowed to make it work.

Initially it was good, 5am wakeups aren’t ideal but I figured it wouldn’t be for too long. However, only being able to attend two classes a week meant my progress was slow and frustrating.

“it’s like having a chess board and one pawn. And you’re just kinda hopping around with no real game plan”

That in itself isn’t bad. However the opportunities to solidify each bit of learning were restricted to maybe the end of a class. Maybe.

Knowing my learning style and background with various other martial arts means that it’s not an optimal learning environment for me.

So I looked for another school that is more systematic if not traditional in its approach. And after one session, I signed up straight away.

Herein lies the problem.

Personally, I’m aware that this is the best way for me to accelerate my learning, with both schools. They are different in nature, and the former will contribute greatly towards my stunt work with the broad range of martial arts they have available, and the friendships I’ve already forged.

However, with schools, especially martial arts, they tend to prefer students to… Pledge allegiance to “their way” and the idea of going to another school… Especially if they may well be rivals, is generally looked down upon.

So out of respect for the owner of the original school taking me under his wing… It begs the question of if he’ll be OK with my choosing to learn elsewhere.

It feels like I’m being disrespectful. But equally if I were to stay, my learning would take three times as long, and what with various life commitments and objectives, it’s not an optimal choice.

This, is the conundrum. Perceived respect of a teacher/professor/business owner, and my personal standards and requirements for fulfilling my life choices.

Of course the option to go and talk to each school and hear their opinions on the matter will solve a lot of my assumptions based on past experiences and stories, but this thought-limbo is common in various other situations.

Sometimes there are clear answers and choices. Other times it’s likely any choice will be at your peril. The difference being if you’re OK with a not so ideal outcome.

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