A world of fear

We are presently living through the age of fear. Whilst life exists as an assortment of chained choices, there is always an underlying torrent of discomfort propagated by societal fallacies.

Over years we have been trained into fearing by default. Sure, our primative nature has fear built in, but for very specific and at that time very real reasons. If we didn’t question situations that would be the difference between being alive or being dead.

The opportunity for death has been greatly reduced over the years, doubly so in the Western world.

We should instead be celebrating an era of chance and hope. With the safety net of failure. With failure, it gives rise to try again.

Understand, however, this is a very specific kind of failure. It’s the opportunity to grow. Every mistake we survive and every failure we reflect upon is one more piece of understanding who we are.

And yet we are taught from birth that it’s the ultimate sin to relish the education of failure. Even more bizarre is the fear of celebrating success.

If we celebrate our wins and successes too much, we run the risk of ridicule and scorn from our peers. Which is churlish at best.

Woe betide you should you celebrate a win and a soul crippling defeat in the same day.

Unless it’s you securing a new job whilst simultaneously hearing the death of a family member, it seems we cannot have it both ways…. Without predicable risk.

It’s a madness that we are seemingly joyfully living in.

And it needs to stop.

Anyone still living in a world of fear, be it fear of failure and/or fear of success, needs to look for ways to escape the tar pit before their fate is sealed.

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