Tantrum Child

A quickie inspired by this track

It’s been 3 years being a personal trainer and it’s been fun. The most inspiring clients went on to become self sufficient, or moved on and became coaches within their own new found interests away from the gym. That’s literally how I calculate my success: on how many of my clients learn to own their shit and leave to go do better things and have the confidence to educate themselves when it comes to new health/fitness ideas that otherwise would have been quite overwhelming.

The only problem with that is, as an in-person business it’s not remotely sustainable. The hustle to find more people to essentially “free” from the crippling media-driven dogma of the fitness industry gets me down more often than I find people.

I guess it’s mainly down to misaligned job/fulfillments. I’m capable of doing a lot of different things but haven’t really realised the true thing I’d likely be happy doing for the rest of my life which essentially revolves around the creation, listening and playing of music.

That’s where the tantrum child comes into play. I’ve been meaning to do a lot of work for clients over the last 2 weeks and I haven’t. Mostly because the very idea bores me to tears. As I discovered with my therapist last week, I need tangible stuff. He likened my perfect working environment to that scene in Minority Report or when Tony Stark goes all wavy hands n stuff:


That also explains why my DJing has gone quiet what with digital taking charge. I used to mix all the time (all the damn time) when I only had vinyl and turntables available. Now I have a laptop and it gathers more dust than it gets switched on. Which is a shame.

Its’ evident that the tantrum child isn’t a fan of sitting down and working with intangible spaces. Which is probably why I go bouldering so damn much.

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