Shiggi's Ridiculous Life

I mean, really.


What does it mean?

By on 6th December 2021

Like a mosquito in peak summer noodling around your room and cautiously getting braver with its ultimate goal to suck your blood from your ear – the ever diminishing returns around asking “why” seem to be getting louder of late. Pandemic? Yes. The rapid departure of both my parents? Yes. The constant struggle of a […]

Holding a breath of fresh air

By on 22nd July 2019

Since I broke up with him, it’s been tough. Amicable, but tough. Maybe I’m too kind, maybe I’m a fool (maybe it’s the fact that I adore his son and don’t want him to experience the struggles I did) but whatever it is, I’ve let him stay and find a place as soon as he […]

What’s in a lifestyle?

By on 7th April 2019

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is still an ongoing occurrence in my life happening anywhere from twice to 6 times a week. I’m on session 143 now and a four-stripe white belt. I can assure you I do not feel remotely near what I’ve been recognised as. Things don’t really flow and I haven’t sparred with anyone […]

BJJ Mat Confessions

By on 11th December 2018

[BJJ MAT CONFESSIONS] Let it be known, going to a BJJ class fully fasted, with only coffee for sustiance, and shark week deciding to start earlier that day AND deciding to do open mat after class for a glorious 90 mins of rolling/drills……. .. Is not so bloody glorious (Ha!… Ew) When I was wee, […]