Shiggi's Ridiculous Life

I mean, really.

Born and raised in Kenya. I pretty much started life somewhat disgruntled but accepting of the way things are. I’m technically the middle-younger child of a blended dissociated crew of 9 siblings across 4 families who know of each other but equally want nothing to do with each other. 

All I ever wanted as a kid was stability and I had that intermittently alongside an ongoing migrational opera between adults and myself tagging along. Between Kenya, the US, UK and other parts of Europe I eventually ended up with a somewhat international English accent, a penchant for the musical, physical and philosophical whilst still somewhat disgruntled in existing. 

With all of that, I’ve collected a myriad of curious stories and experiences I’m all too happy to retell with much mirth. On the flip-side to that, I also have tales that pertain to the ever-constant straining underbelly of my existence which lately has dealt a raucous crescendo in my mother committing suicide in 2019 alongside my step-father passing away in 2020 and that side of the family reluctant to inform me as they don’t see me as part of their unit. 

Still, I’m carrying on, figuring out life and all its wonderful quirks. DJing and music are my life. As is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Bouldering for as long as my body will allow me to utilise it before I’m relegated to merely advising you should 100% do everything you can in your life especially if you can survive and fail.