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I mean, really.

My Podcast started as my own talk therapy...

Since its inception in September 2018, “Getting Shiggi With…” has been rolling on an intermittent wave. Week on week, I’ve been releasing an episode I record on the day with topics and ideas that I either get excited about days before, or it pops into my head the second I hit record. 

“Suicide Started on a Monday…” is where it began; on May 6th 2019 my mother completed suicide with an upturned gun to the chin. During the 2020 pandemic and subsequent month on month of lockdowns, I’ve been guesting on other people’s shows with my new found mission in expanding on the conversation around suicide and how I can help people manage their feelings, and try to look after others in their lives. 

Check out the “Featured Shows” page for all the brilliant shows I’ve featured on.

Otherwise – there’s the podcast, blog posts and a very fun incoming Youtube Channel…again, as a form of self-therapy.

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