BJJ session 163

Something new! Post-session witterings… Should be easier to be consistent this, way than… Say, oh I don’t know.. Writing 藍 I’ve got a transcript from Otter, but… Let’s just say some of the sentences aren’t … Continue reading BJJ session 163

A world of fear

We are presently living through the age of fear. Whilst life exists as an assortment of chained choices, there is always an underlying torrent of discomfort propagated by societal fallacies. Over years we have been … Continue reading A world of fear

A tale of two dads

If you have not watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – don’t read this.

The world has been strange lately. Well, it’s been strange since December 2016, but as I try to address the strangeness, I seem to just be going deeper into this crazy rabbit hole of disparity and disconnection in a bid to try and connect with who I am. Whatever that even means.

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