Shaped like an hourglass…

So I was going to do a video blog about something that’s been bothering me as of late, (it’s still on my hard drive, I’m in two minds as to whether I should upload it or not) but then came upon an article posted on another site about the ill conceived perception of what a “Paleo” woman should look like.

That phrase in itself is an oxymoron really. If we’re talking about how a woman should look like from an evolutionary stand point, then the hourglass has us down to a T, if not MORE so. Here’s evolution for you, “Mmmm, she’s got child bearing hips”…

Anyway, Paleo aside, the booty really isn’t something that should disappear. I know there are cultural differences where by some say a big butt is bad, and others say a big butt is good (the bigger the better) and that’s their prerogative. All I’m saying is rather than pining for these images we’re force fed on a daily basis giving us a false foundation of where happiness lies, look at yourself in the mirror and say “hello”. Find the bits you’re not so keen on and look at WHY you’re not so keen on them and what you’d rather prefer…NO don’t look at a magazine and say you want *that* body. Unless we’re going into genetic restructuring, that’s not a path that’s available.

Venus of Willendorf

Another thing to consider (which is covered in this article) is when your body fat percentage gets dangerously low, the very things that defines one as a woman internally cease to function due to hormone levels being all over the shop (or non existent)…whilst not having a period might sound like a gift from wherever, that will be the least of your troubles.

I’m not fear mongering or anything, it’s just I – personally – find it slightly annoying. Even in the realm of “fitness” a woman’s body shape STILL errs to the side of skinny by popularity with some muscles popping out here and there. If that’s something that ladies want personally, then by all means go for it (heck I’d happily help you get close…but I’m not stopping your periods or whatever, no sir eeee) but to tar everyone with the same brush is a tad harsh in that having a bah-donkie-donk or indeed being fit but staying within a healthy region of body fat isn’t bad either.

So yeah, my piece said, here’s a link to the article on written by Laura:

Paleo Women are Phat

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