BJJ session 163

Something new! Post-session witterings… Should be easier to be consistent this, way than… Say, oh I don’t know.. Writing 藍

I’ve got a transcript from Otter, but… Let’s just say some of the sentences aren’t quite there yet…

Updated transcript….below:

So I’m walking away from my Brazilian Jujitsu session. It was an all ladies class, and I think it’s session 163.

So the main things that we were doing, were doing some throws – which were interesting – and then doing, I think… side-control, getting into side control, and then we did some drills specific sparring, which was good. So the session was light as I was expecting it to be just because this week, I have definitely, definitely not planned appropriately for anything, which hasn’t kind of gone to plan.

So having ADHD is fun, and also not so fun, because I very, very, very easily forget to eat. And if I forget to eat them, obviously, the rest of the world kind of goes to pot as well. And that’s exactly what happened. So ever since last week, I mentioned before with the rib issue, now I’m kind of reaching the point where it’s not so much the rib issue, it’s not so much the delayed onset muscle soreness. It’s more a case of under eating, and my body kind of basically eating itself, because that is what happens. And it’s something that I am very familiar with as it used to happen when I overtrained…. Well, I did a lot of training in the gym, but didn’t eat enough so I was under eating.

So that’s where I am now. And the proof was yesterday, when I was feeling pretty, pretty bad. And I just decided to buy a very high sugar, but also, you know, decent amount of protein shake, milkshake thing. And about an hour and a half. Later, I kind of felt the best I had felt all week. So I think the take home for today’s lesson/session, this day is: to know when to rest and fuel up, like the fear of – I don’t even know why I would have the fear of getting fat, that’s literally not a thing – but I need to eat more, I need to eat smarter, I need loads more protein, loads more better fats, because my diet is far too carb heavy at the moment, which is not helping matters.

So yeah, I also stopped myself from doing two sessions back to back because I was feeling a little bit…vapid, a little bit empty. And I knew if I did two sessions now just because I’m kind of feeling good, tomorrow I’ll be completely wiped out. And then Sunday would be a complete and utter wipe out as well. So I am being smart as much as it pains me as much as I really, really don’t want to not train. As you can hear in the background. I am walking to the bus stop to walk home.

So yeah, today’s session was all about knowing which battles to take on and knowing and learning rather how to rest.

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