Dear Body Please Move

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Dear Body: Please Move

We lie, we cry we sit we fall,
We shuffle, we tumble, eventually we crawl.

We look up, we grab – step up – stand tall,
We walk, we run, we trip, we fall.

We cry, we learn, again stand tall
We leap, we jump, we climb over it all.

We bounce, we twist, we throw a ball,
We learn to tumble and deliberately fall.

We pull, we push, we swim, we crawl,
We gain, we grow, we achieve…and now stall.

We learn – as children – how to make the body ‘Go’,
Yet it’s easy – as adults – to tell our body ‘No’.

We’ve forgotten the way our bodies naturally flow,
And breaking old habits can be painfully slow.

But keep on, fair trooper, you already know,
You’ve got it in you – an amazing one man show, who:

Leaps, bounds, climbs, crawls,
Rolls, Jumps, tumbles, falls,
Flies, swims and pushes through it all.

You’re being human, so stand proud & tall.

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